VoIP CallBack: Use your favourite VoIP providers from anywhere in the world with CallBack Service


-The final outcome of this guide will give you number (I used a free IPKall number) that you can call. You let it ring twice and then hang up, this way you are not charged for the call


-The system then calls you back and let's you dial out


-The cost for calling you back and the cost for dialing out is handled by your chosen VoIP providers


-Please note: The VSP(s) in your VoXalot Call Out acct (see guide for more details) must either allow 2 simultaneous calls or you need to use 2 separate VSP accounts within VoXalot (1 call is System to your phone, the 2nd call is System to number you dial, and then the two calls are joined so you can talk to the other party)


-This is made possible by combining an IPKall number pointed to a VoXalot Account (Trigger account) which in turn causes LiberaIlVoip to use a second VoXalot Account (with all your favourite providers set up within it for outgoing calls) to call you back. LiberaIlVoip also let's you call out from there using the providers in this second VoXalot account.


-To make sure everything runs copacetic, you do need to visit LiberaIlVoip and login in to your account on the web once every week.


-The service that makes the CallBack, LiberaIlVoip is an italian site. For those of you that have some basic understanding of italian, skimming this guide and following instructions on LiberaIlVoip, should get you up and running. For those of you that don't understand the language, I've tried to be as specific as possible with both words and pictures regarding what goes where and what the important things mean so it shouldn't be too hard.


-I wouldn't have figured out this was possible if EliaFino had not mentioned LiberaIlVoip here http://www.mysipswitch.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=213




Create a VoXalot account

1. A free VoXalot account is all you need (preferably a new account not used for something else)

2. Ensure to turn off VoiceMail



3. We'll refer to this as your VoXalot Call Back account (you may see VoXCB in some of the illustrations as well). This will be the account used to trigger the Call Back




Create/Use another VoXalot account


1. If you already have a VoXalot account (Free or Premium) in which you have multiple providers set up for outgoing calls, that's the one to use


2. If you don't, you'll need a free VoXalot account (a second one, on top of the one above). We'll refer to this as VoXalot Call Out (You may see VoXPremium for this in some of the illustrations)


3. You will need to configure your favourite VoIP calling providers for outgoing calls in VoXalot


4. Configure Voice Service Providers


In this part we're trying to have all your favourite providers accessible from one place, VoXalot


An example:

-You'll need to do this for all the providers you want to use. For more help see http://faq.voxalot.com/action/view/Configuring_Provider_Settings


Some notes:

-For the time being, until you better understand VoXalot leave Optimize Audio to No

-You may get better results/audio quality if you use this codec string:  ulaw;alaw;g726;g729;ilbc;gsm


5. Configure Dial Plans


Here we're trying to tell VoXalot that when I dial for example 09-14162223333, to route this call via InternetCalls, and dial 001416222333 using Internet Calls. So we're setting up prefixes which will let VoXalot know which provider you want to use, and how to dial the number with that specific provider.


For help see http://faq.voxalot.com/action/view/Configuring_Smart_Call_%28Dial_Plan%29_Settings


Some Notes:

- I would suggest looking at the Advanced Dial Plan section

-For the time being ENum lookup and Geo Lookup should be set to No





Sign Up for LiberaIlVoip


1. Go to http://www.liberailvoip.it/home/registrati


2. Fill out the form



Some Notes:


-You cannot use a hotmail email account

-To calculate the appropriate "Codice Fiscale" use  http://www.codicefiscale.com/


-I am not sure what CAP stands for, but a 5 digit number, eg.12345 will work

-To accept the agreements below the form you have to type ACCETTO (all capitals) in the appropriate boxes


3. Once you have submitted the information, you'll receive a confirmation email, where you'll need to click the activation link


4. A second email will be sent with your login details


5. To login go to http://www.liberailvoip.it/home/login


6. Your username is your email address, your password will be sent to you in the confirmation email above




Setting UP CallBack


1.Once logged in click on "Impostazioni"


2. Then click on Prov's and click Aggiungi (Add)



2. Add the VoXalot Call Out account details (noted as VoxPremium above)


AnyName= A description, any name to tell you who this provider is

Username= VoXalot number

Password= your password

Host= us.voxalot.com or eu.voxalot.com or au.voxalot.com (check which cluster you are using when you log in the VoXalot Member Details page)

Port= 5060 by default

Modo= Out (meaning only outgoing calls, no registration)

Stato = Abil (meaning Active/Enabled)


When done, click Salva (Save)


3. Add VoXalot CallBack account details (noted as VoXCB)


-Click Aggiungi again and add details as above.

-In this case you'll be using your VoXalot Callback account. Also Modo should be In/Out in this case (meaning it accepts incoming calls)

-When done, click Salva (Save)


4. Check that things went smooth


-At the top of the page you'll find a Monitor Button, click on this

-When both VoXalot Call Out  has a yellow light and VoXalot Call Back has a green light, you are ready to continue

-VoXalot CallOut should go yellow  fast, VoXalot Call Back needs to be registered so it may take a bit (up to 20 minutes)

-Other extensions may have a red light, that's ok


5. When the 2  lights are on from above, under Impostazioni, click on Richiamami (Call Me Back)


Set up as below:


-First select the account to trigger callback (Voxalot Call Back), and account to use for call back (VoXalot Call Out)

-Select times when this should work (selecting as below, ensures it works at all times)

-The checkbox at the top may not become available until you've chosen the appropriate provider, make sure you check it though

-Click Salva (Save) when done




6. Set callers to trigger CallBack


-Click Aggiungi

-It'll now let you specify the Caller ID of the phones you want to allow to use the CallBack service


-An example:

My phone sends CID as 4162223333, and I have set up my VoXalot dial plans (in VoXalot Call Out) so I need to dial 0214162223333 in order to call 14162223333 via a BetaMax provider, so I would enter in here:

021-4162223333 (in general AnyPrefixNeeded-Number as it appears in the incoming CID)


So now LiberaIlVoip will see my CID 4162223333, and then call back 0214162223333 using VoXalot Call Out which will then route the call for free via my Betamax (InternetCalls) account


-Finally, don't forget to click Salva (Save)

-You can specify up to 4 different phone numbers here


7. Adjust the Dial plan


-We need to tell the system to let you place the calls via VoXalot Call Out as well

-Click on the Dial Plan button

-Select VoXalot Call Out (VoXPremium in figure) and select the check box (this makes VoXalot Call Out the default provider to use

-Don't worry about the Prefisso (Prefix)

-Click Salva (Save) when done




8. Let things settle (about 10-20 minutes) then give it a try


-Call a SipBroker Access Number from one the phones you allowed to use CallBack

-Enter *010123456 when prompted (123456 replaced with the 6 digits number of the VoXalot Call Back account)

-Let it ring twice and hang up

-It should call you back in about 10-15sec (wait for the lady to introduce the system in italian)

-Now dial the number you wish to call (remember to dial it according to your VoXalot dialing plans) and enter # at the end

-You should hear ringing (in some cases you may not hear a ringtone, that's okay too) and  the called party will answer


9. Use the "Chiamate" Button at the very top to see a log on incoming and outgoing calls especially if you need to troubleshoot or find out what CID your phone is actually sending


10. Of course calling a SipBroker access number and entering a your VoXalot number is a good test, but it beats the purpose of having CallBack, hence the next part



A proper CallBack number


-All you need to do now is have a DID number pointed to 123456@us.voxalot.com (where 123456 is the number of your VoXalot Call Back account, the new account you just made specifically for callback and is registered to receive calls in LiberaIlVoip)


-One free option is IPKall with a free Washington state DID (http://phone.ipkall.com/ipphone/)

-Here is how to fill up the IPKall registration:


-After your account is been setup at IPKall (they say it may take up to 60 minutes) you can now call your IPKall number from the specified phones, let it ring twice (you won't get charged for this) and wait for the system to call you back. Then dial the number of the person you want to call (after the welcome message in Italian). Both the CallBack to your number and the Call to the other number you want to talk to, will be made using your chosen VoIP services through VoXalot.


Comments/Questions/Feedback/Anything Else: http://www.redflagdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=454642