Placing VoIP Calls from any Old Regular PSTN Phone (VoIP CallThru)

Before getting started, we'll do the following:

-Set Up a VoXBasic Account (preferrably a new one, not one you are planning on using for something else)

-Set UP at (if you already have an account there, there is no need for another one)

-Set UP Various VoIP Providers (VSPs) you may have for CallThru

-Increase CallThru local Numbers by adding TPad to the Mix

-Set up at MySipSwitch (if you already have an account, that'll work, no need for a new one)


What are we achieving:

You can make calls using VoIP from your regular phone. It's like you create a Calling Card of your own with local access numbers around the world.


Sign UP at VoXalot

1. Sign Up for an account with VoXalot (free VoxBasic account, and pick a 6 digit number you can remember, make a new account that's not used for something else).


2. Log In at VoXalot


3. Under VoiceMail ensure it is off :




Set UP at


1. Go to and sign up for their free account (if you already have one, use that).


2. We start when you hit this page:


3. Under Trunks set up a SIP Trunk. Where I have used, you can replace with, or, this has to match the setting in your VoXalot account, so make sure what you put in here and what is at your VoXalot  HomePage match (by default it is though):




4. Under Inbound Routing set up a new Route. If you did not Name the Trunk above VoXCallThru, the enter the name as you chose it in here too. Also, you can set up a PIN, but if you don't want to, simply select it but leave it empty.



5. Under Trunks, add a SIP Trunk for each the providers you are planning on using:



Some Examples:










InternetCalls (BetaMax)








Just like the examples above, if you have a VoXalot account where you already have dialing plans configured with multiple providers (not the one we just setup for this guide), but want to be able to have access to it through PSTN, add as a Trunk in here...

(If you have audio issues, turn audio bypass to No)




6. Create an OutBound Route (under Outbound routing )for each provider you plan on using.


Here are some examples:


All calls that start with 9 are handled by VBuzzer in this case.

Eg. entering 914163332255 would dial 14163332255 using VBuzzer.

The route name is not important, the Trunk Sequence at the bottom is.


All calls that start with 8 will be routed by InternetCalls in this Case.

So entering 814163332255 would send 14163332255 to InternetCalls trunk, which from the example I showed above for Trunks would add 00, so it would dial 00-1-4163332255 using InternetCalls (this is the format required by InternetCalls when dialing).



From the examples above you'll see I prefer to add a prefix that serves to pick the right Call Route and is then taken away.


If however you set the dial plan as 1X., then all numbers entered starting with 1 would be dialed via that route just as they were entered.


If the Dial pattern was 1XXX. it means a number starting with one, and having at least 3 or more digits after the 1 would be dialed via that route.


If you are gonna use an existing VoXalot account where dial plans are already configured in VoXalot, put the dial plan as X. so that everything is just sent straight to VoXalot and dealt with there.


If you hover over where it reads Dial Patterns it explains the possibilities of how to set Dial Patterns further.



At this Point:


Dial SipBroker Access Number then *010123456 (where 123456 is your VoXalot number, the new account you made above), then enter your PIN when it asks for it (1234# in this example). You'll then get a dial tone, an open line. Start entering the number you want to call, remember to enter the correct prefix/format as you chose in the dial patterns above.

When you are done entering wait a bit or press # to tell the system you are done, it should ring and you'll be talking soon, the call handled by your VoIP provider, at the VSP's rate. If you make a mistake at any time when dialing press *, and you get the dial-tone and start dialing from the beginning.



Optional Part

More Local Numbers: TPad Account

1. Sign up for a free TPad account (you need a TPad account that you are not using for something else)

2. Complete the activation Process (They will ask you to enter a CELL/Landline where they can call you, and you enter a code. Make sure you do not check that this number be used to forward all your calls)

3. If everything goes well, when you sign in at TPad you should see this (the red arrows indicate the important settings):

4. If everything is fine here, make a note of your TPad number and remember your password


Sign Up at

1. The Sign Up process is straight forward (don't need a new acocunt id you have one already)

2. When logged in, at the bottom of the Configuration page you'll see Registrations and Add New, click on Add New

3. Set up like this (replace 123621 with your VoXalot number from above of course), and then click Add:

4. By clicking on Monitoring at the top of the Page you'll see when the registration has gone through.


Optional-Instead of Using MySipSwitch as above, you could also do this-


1. Under Trunks, add a new SIP Trunk (I'll be adding TPad)


2. Under Inbound Routing add this (for TPad in this case):

3. That is all:



Other Providers


If you have another provider that gives you access numbers, or a DID number that you want to use for this, follow the TPad example replacing TPad info with the provider's info (using either MySipSwitch, or PBXes itself)


At this Point:

From Any Regular Phone:

Call SipBroker Access Number then *010123456 (123456 replaced with your VoXalot number)


Call TPad Access Number then TPad Number (7 digits)

If you chose a PIN, you'll be asked to enter it with # at the end, then you'll get a dial tone, an open line, now simply enter the number in the correct format so that it matches with the DIAL Patterns you created.

This is like a Calling Card now with local access Numbers around the world (see both SipBroker and TPad for all the numbers)

Limitation: The free account at PBXes has a 5000 minute limit per month, and can also be suspended without notice if they think you are abusing their system, so be fair. Unfortunately free accounts do not have a counter measuring minutes used up to a certain point either.


Cost to call a number local to you from your phone


Per minute cost that your Voip Provider charges you to various destinations










































































































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