Receiving Calls on your Landline/Cellphone from Around the World and via VoIP


Before getting started, as a summary, we'll sign up for:


VoXalot (1st account, free)


VoXalot (2nd account, free)


TPad (Optional)


Also if you have any providers that give you a DID number, or give you access numbers that can be used to reach you (eg. TPad), have the following info handy for each of those providers:






What will this achieve?

People in different Countries will be able to dial a number local to them, then an extension, and call you on your phone. Also people will be able to call you via SIP URI from VoIP applications.


I have tried to make this as detailed as possible, if there are problems feel free to get in touch.


Now let's get started!!!



Sign Up for VoXalot (VoXalot-1st)

1. Sign Up for an account with VoXalot (free VoxBasic account, and pick a 6 digit number you like). We'll call this VoXalot-1st from now on (I'll also be referring to this as account 123621, so substitute your account number when you see this)


2. Log In at VoXalot


3. Under VoiceMail ensure it is off (for now):




Sign Up at PhoneGnome

1. Go to

2. Sign Up for an account:

3. The Countries with which it will work are these:

US/Canada, Portugal, Argentina, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

Also includes:
Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Seoul, South Korea
Taipei, Taiwan
Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puebla, Mexico
Warsaw, Poland
Mobile numbers are excluded except in US (excludes Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, and Singapore.


4. If you get the following screens , you need to find a PROXY in the country for which you are registering a number:




5. See here for a PROXY:


6. Assuming you got through all that, PhoneGnome will sent you an email with a link. Click on the link and follow the instructions to complete the verification (they'll call you and you have to enter a pin code).


7. Now Log In at PhoneGnome


8.On the HomePage make note of the following (copied exactly):


9.Under Features Activate SoftGnome Remote Access:



10. Now Click on Edit and set things as follows:


11. Now Click on View Sip Credentials (you'll need this info so save it somewhere, along with the stuff from the HomePage):


12. Now Click on Call Analysis then Placed Calls, and keep this page open, you may need it later:





Back to VoXalot: Sign Up for VoXalot-2nd


1. Set up another free VoXalot account (we'll call this VoXalot-2nd from now on, I'll also refer to it as 606404, substitute your number when you see this)


2. Under VoiceMail ensure it is off:




3. Under Voice Service Providers, set PhoneGnome Up:



4. Under Smart Call, set up the following dial plan, remember to click on ADD then Advanced Settings (it reads _xxxxxxx. ):



5. Remember to save everything




Sign Up at PBXes


1. Go to and sign up for their free account.


2. For the purpose of this guide I'll be using  VoXalot 123621 as VoXalot-1st account that we set up, and 606404 as VoXalot-2nd, wherever you see these, substitute yours.


3. We start when you hit this page:


4. Many times after making changes you'll see this at the top, click to apply before continuing.


5. First stop, Trunks, create a new SIP Trunk (use VoXalot-1st account). Where I have used, you can replace with, or, this has to match the setting in your VoXalot account, so make sure what you put in here and what is at your VoXalot  HomePage match (by default it is though):


6. Next, we'll set up another another Trunk (use VoXalot-2nd):

7. Under Extensions, set up a Classical extension (pick an extension number as you wish), and enter your number (the one you registered for PhoneGnome, and where you want to receive calls) in the format 998-CountryCode-Number



8. Under Inbound Routing set up such that all calls to VoXalot-1st (if you named the Trunk for your 1st VoXalot account something else, then use that name) are routed to the extension you set up:


9. Under Outbound Routing, set up such that all calls placed with a 998 prefix are handled by VoXalot-2nd, which in turn sends them through PhoneGnome:

10. Ensure to save all this


At this point:

Calling a SipBroker Access Number then entering *010123621 (or in your own case *010xxxxxx where xxxxxx is your 6 digit VoXalot-1st number) should ring your Cell/Landline that you set up with PhoneGnome.

After dialing the extension there should be a 15 sec delay, then you should hear ringing, and soon your phone will ring. This means that people can call you by calling a SipBroker Access Number that is local to them from around the World.


Take it Further: TPad Account (Optional)

1. Sign up for a free TPad account

2. Complete the activation Process (They will ask you to enter a CELL/Landline where they can call you, and you enter a code. Make sure you do not check that this number be used to forward all your calls)

3. If everything goes well, when you sign in at TPad you should see this (the red arrows indicate the important settings):

4. If everything is fine here, make a note of your TPad number and remember your password


Sign Up at (Optional)

1. The Sign Up process is straight forward

2. When logged in, at the bottom of the Configuration page you'll see Registrations and Add New, click on Add New

3. Set up like this (replace 123621 with your VoXalot-1st number of course), and then click Add:

4. By clicking on Monitoring at the top of the Page you'll see when the registration has gone through.


Alternative: Instead of MySipSwitch you could do this

1. Add the alternate provider (TPad in this case) as a SIP Trunk in PBXes (After you are done with these steps try to see if setting Audio Bypass  below to yes still gives you good audio when calling in from TPad, if it works it's great, but leaving it to No is the safe bet)

2. Under Inbound Routing, point the alternate provider (TPad in this case) to the same classical extension you pointed VoXalot-1st. The name under trunk here, has to match the name you gave to the trunk above:


At this Point:


People can reach you:

SipBroker Access Numbers then *010123456 (where 123456 is your VoXlaot-1st number)


TPad Access Number then Your TPad Number

Both forms will ring your Cell/Landline


Even Further: Do you have any Providers that give you free DID Numbers

1. If  you have a DID from another provider either forward it to (well actually

2. Or use MySipSwitch (use the alternative with PBXes if MySipSwitch doesn't work for you, personally I would give first preference to MySipSwitch pointed to VoXalot, rather than PBXes) entering Username, Password, Server, and filling out the contact field with just like we did for TPad

3. Once the registration is complete in MySipSwitch dialing the DID number will reach your Cell/Landline

4. So from the Free Ones, IPKall, FreeDigits you could get at least two different numbers, on two different states to ring the same Cell/Landline


Now your are reachable on Your Cell/Landline from around the world via local numbers from either SipBorker or TPad, and just about any Voip Network that allows SIP URI Dialing.

Next step, Placing Calls on the VoIP Network(s) using regular PSTN phones (see the next Guide)


Comments/Questions/Feedback/Anything Else: