Worlwide Local Calls: PhoneGnome, VoXalot, PBXes.com (Cost: Free)

Signing Up with PhoneGnome

1. Go to www.PhoneGnome.com

2. Sign Up for an account:

3. The Countries with which it will work are these:

US/Canada, Portugal, Argentina, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

Also includes:
Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Seoul, South Korea
Taipei, Taiwan
Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puebla, Mexico
Warsaw, Poland
Mobile numbers are excluded except in US(excludes Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, and Singapore.


4. If you get the following screens , you need to find a PROXY in the country for which you are registering a number:




5. See here for a PROXY:  http://www.samair.ru/proxy/type-01.htm


6. Assuming you got through all that, PhoneGnome will sent you an email with a link. Click on the link and follow the instructions to complete the verification (they'll call you and you have to enter a pin code).


7. Now Log In at PhoneGnome


8.On the HomePage make note of the following (copied exactly):


9.Under Features Activate SoftGnome Remote Access:



10. Now Click on Edit and set things as follows:


11. Now Click on View Sip Credentials (you'll need this info so save it somewhere, along with the stuff from the HomePage):


12. Now Click on Call Analysis then Placed Calls, and keep this page open, you may need it later:




Setting Up at VoXalot


1. Register for a basic VoXalot account (no fees for this)

2. Make sure when you first login, to turn off VoiceMail, and note your server (eg. us.voxalot.com)

3. Do nothing else.


Setting UP at PBXes.com


1. Go to www.PBXes.com and sign up for their free account.


2. For the purpose of this guide I'll be using a real VoXalot account, 123621, wherever you see this, substitute yours.


3. We start when you hit this page:


4. Many times after making changes you'll see this at the top, click to apply before continuing.


5. First stop, Extensions, create a new SIP extension:



5. Next, under Ring Groups, where it says 14161112222# , enter your number registered with PhoneGnome followed by # (how you enter the number matters, you may have to troubleshoot later).

In US/Canada: 1+ Number should work

Elsewhere: First try the number entered like someone from your own country would to call you

                 Then try the Number on its own as it appears in PhoneGnome (no country code)

                 Then try Country Code + Number as in PhoneGnome


Also from my testing, the longest you can set it to is 23 sec.



6. Next under Trunks, add SIP Trunk using your VoXalot account:



7. Again under Trunks, add another SIP Trunk using PhoneGnome Account details:

8. Under incoming calls, make sure they are routed somewhere else, not to extension 122, and not to RingGroup 3 (or whatever the extension, ring group number you created), another one of the extensions.


9.Under Inbound Routing, set this up (substituting your VoXalot number of course). Same name as VoXalot Trunk, send to Ring Group 3 (or whatever ring group you created).


10. Under OutBound routing set this up:

11. In Summary:


Someone calls VoXalot, PBXes picks up, routes to Ring Group 3, which routes to 14161112222 via Outbound routing with provider PhoneGnome. If you don't answer within 23 sec (about 3 rings), it goes to Voicemail for extension 122 (to check this, you'll need a Voip Box, until I figure out how to check from PSTN.