Skype CallThru: Using your Skype Plan (Unlimited or Pro) Remotely to make calls from CellPhones and Landlines


1. In order for this to work, you must have first been successful going through this guide Sip2Skype: Receiving SIP Calls in Skype

2. Make sure that following the original Sip2Skype guide mentioned above you can  receive calls to your Skype client using your own DID number or a SipBroker Access Number, before proceeding further....

3. You should also be noticing that when you receive Skype calls this way, it appears the calls come from user xoztralia3 or net2max3 (if the calls are coming from a different username, please make sure to note it).

4. Now download the PontiVoce Server Software from (Pontivoce3 Software), but don't install it just yet

5. To make it work you'll need a license. The license will be linked to the SkypeUsername which will be used with the software. You'll need to purchase the license for $5.95 from Televoce


-Since some money is involved, please read through this guide and make sure you understand what you'll need to be doing.

-Please also make sure you've already completed the previous guide (Sip2Skype: Receiving SIP Calls in Skype)  and can indeed receive calls to your Skype via a DID number or SipBroker using Net2Max

-Keep in mind that receiving calls in Skype via Sip and Using Skype Remotely without purchasing a SkypeIn number from Skype depends on reliability and availability of the Net2Max gateway. There is no guarantee that the above gateway will always be up. That said, from personal experience it has had a 90% uptime rate so far.

-Please understand that in order to use Skype remotely, provided you've completed the previous guide and purchased the PontiVoce license, the computer running Skype and your PontiVoce server will need to be up and running connected to the internet.

-PontiVoce, Net2Max, SipBroker and any other services involved provide no official support for this method

-The author of the guide (that's me) also provides no guarantees that this will work for you so try at own risk.


6. Once you have your PontiVoce license file, install the PontiVoce server


7. Once installed setup as follows (don't worry about the Permit Client Callers for now):


-Notice there is a space between xoztralia3 and net2max3

-Make sure to select CallThrough

-You may want to allow only Country Code 1 (US/Canada) for safety reasons especially if you expect to have a few people use this gateway and you don't want them calling anywhere else except the Free Locations



8. Make sure both Skype and the PontiVoce server are running. Now Call In via a DID number or SipBroker as discussed in the SIP2Skype guide, you'll hear a music tone (this indicates the gateway is ready)


Calling a Number

-Dial the number you want to reach like 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx (always CountryCode-Number format)

-Press # when finished, and wait

-When the number is about to be connected you'll hear a "Please Hold for the other party" message


Conference Call

-Dial the numbers you want to reach like 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx*1-xxx-xxx-xxxx and so on, pressing # when finished

-Skype will set up a conference call with those users

-PontiVoce supports up to 10 users per conference call, but your computer's capabilities may limit this further


Other Skype Users

-To call other Skype Users you must have assigned them a 2 digit Speed Dial number on Skype first

-Then you simply dial the 2 digit Speed Dial followed by # after the welcome tone

-You can combine actual numbers and Skype Speed Dial numbers on a Conference call separating them by * and pressing # at the end of the whole string


You can take a look at PontiVoce's PDF instructions here:

For the latest updated info on the PontiVoce software see Televoce



Note: This guide only uses the CallThru feature of the PontiVoce server..... If you have a SkypeIn number from Skype you can also use the CallBack feature


Also you can allow other family and friends to place calls via your Skype Account using their own clients. You'll need to authorize them from the PontiVoce server 'Permit Cient Callers Tab' and have them download the free PontiVoce Client (Pontivoceclientsetup)


Remember whichever method you are using, your computer must be on and connected running Skype and the PontiVoce server.




For those of you that do try it and have a moment, I wouldn't mind hearing how things went.  Comments/Questions/Feedback/Anything Else: